The Truth About Fish Oil Health Benefits

According to doctors and scientists, the fish oil health benefits are numerous.  In fact, it almost sounds too good to be true, but if you think about it, the value of this type of supplement is understandable.

Fatty acids are essential to the human diet.  Years ago, it was though that omega 6s were the only essential fats, because they are necessary for normal growth in childhood.  In recent years, it has been found that omega3s are just as important. In many ways, they are more important.

Many chronic health problems and even cellular aging are related to inflammation.  It plays a role in cancer and heart disease, as well as arthritis and other "age-related" diseases.  Scientists have learned that omega6s increase inflammation within the body, while omega 3s counter it.  Most people get lots of omega6s in their diet, but very few omega 3s.

So, the many fish oil health benefits actually have to do with correcting an imbalance in the diet.  If a person ate a perfectly balanced diet every day, there might not be any benefit.  But, a well-balanced diet is a rarity in this time of convenience and fast foods.

When you are shopping for supplements, remember that the industry is more or less "self-regulated".  It is up to the manufacturer to test for purity, as well as omega 3 content.  A reputable manufacture will have their products tested by independent laboratories, in order to certify purity.  Of course, testing costs money.  So, you can bet that the cheap products have not been tested.

The fish oil health benefits may help you live a long, healthy life, with all of your faculties intact.  At least, that's what most of us are hoping for.