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Discovery of Chaga Tea Health Benefits

Why did Russian peasants never have cancer? Trying to save money on tea they drank the chaga infusion instead. They would pick it up from birch trees, ground and then brew it.

Chaga mushroom is considered one of the most popular alternative drinks to prevent cancer and in some cases help to treat it.

How Chaga Tea was Discovered

Sergey N. Maslennikov, a Russian doctor, who is remembered by local people, many years after his death, was born June 21, 1887 in a poor family of the merchant Nikita Maslennikov. Nikita Konstantinovich served as a head manager of the merchant Obrezkova, then became the co-owner of a wine shop. He was kind and gentle, and he loved children. One of his granddaughters recalled that he allowed them to braid his beard in braids when they were small. His wife Elikanida Mikhailovna, unlike her husband, was a stern, practical and down-to -earth woman. She had been saving berries from his large garden for a jam which was sold in the shop.

In 1908 Sergey graduated from the Medical Faculty of Moscow University, then worked in Aleksandrov in Zemstvo hospital. In October , 1910 he married Maria Mikhailovna Sokolova. She was born in St. Petersburg in the family of the librarian of the Tauride Palace. After the death of her parents she lived with her relatives Dobronravov. Elikanida Mikhaylovna believed that orphan, bride Masha Sokolova was not a good match for her son, but he insisted on the marriage. In 1912 they had a daughter, Catherine, in 1913 - Maria.

In 1914-1918, Sergey Maslennikov served in the 197 the Infantry Regiment 6-th Siberian division, in 1916, he worked in a hospital in Nizhniy Novgorod. From 1924 to 1935 he traveled around the country: he worked in the county Tashkazenskom in the Syrdarya province, then - in Sakhalin, in Blagoveshchensk in the Kara-Bugaz. In 1935 he returned to Alexandrov. Since 1941 he served in the hospital, then - as a doctor in Alexander sanitation centers.

Sergey was a man of talent, really hard-working. He compiled many recipes that are still consumed by the residents of the city for treatment of sore throat, colds ... He was also a physician-researcher.

The main achievement of his life - a discovery, as stated in the "description of the invention", "symptomatic tool to facilitate the state of cancer patients".

Solzhenitsyn, one of the "correspondence Patients" of Maslennikov, is telling about this in the novel "Cancer Ward":

"Friends! It's an amazing story. I was told it by one patient who came here for a check, when I was still waiting for admission here. I then, without taking any risk, wrote a postcard with a return address of the hospital. And now came the answer already! Twelve days have passed - and the answer. And the doctor Maslennikov even apologized to me for the delay, because it turned out, he had to respond to an average of ten letters a day. And less than half an hour is not enough for a good letter. So for five hours a day, somebody was writing letters! And he doesn't get anything for that! ... And he doesn't have any staff, assistants, secretaries. All of it - when off duty. And there is no any glory for his work either! For us, the sick patients, the doctor is as a ferryman: we need him for an hour, and then we don't know him. And those he will cure, throw the letters away. At the end of the letter, he complains that patients, especially someone he helped, stop writing him. They don't write about the doses taken and the results. And he also asked me - begged me to reply thoughtfully!

... one former patient told me about Dr. Maslennikov (an old country doctor from Alexander County, near Moscow). He has stayed there for decades - since he came there, treated in the same hospital. And then he noticed that although the medical literature was increasingly writing about cancer, he didn't have cancer patients among the peasants. Why was this? ...

He began to study ... and found this phenomena: that to save money on tea, the men in this whole area do not brew tea, but chaga, also known as a birch mushroom. ... So Sergey N. Maslennikov thought: isn't it that chaga that Russian peasants have been treated with for cancer for centuries, without knowing it?

But obviously, this was not enough. We had to check everything. We had many, many years yet to observe those who drink this homemade tea and those who do not drink. This meant to give this drink to those who have a tumor, and take the responsibility not to treat them by other means. Then guess what temperature to brew, and in what dose, either to boil or not boil, and how many glasses to drink, without harming. Then observe which tumors it affects and which it affects less."

Solzhenitsyn experienced the healing effect of well as thousands of other people. Many of whom Sergey N. saved.

It is worth reading his notebooks with records of the results of his treatments. There are frequent records of full recovery. But for a long time this method of treatment was not recognized. He had to see patients secretly, not at work or home. Only in 1950, after many years of research and observation, Sergey N. applied in the Ministry of Health for his invention. Copyright was obtained in 1958, eight years later.

Like all talented people, Dr. Maslenikov was a versatile man, fond of many things, such as hunting and gardening. He also walked around the whole of Alexandrov with a camera, filming its every corner. Many photos of Sergiev Posad were preserved in the cities of southern Russia.

And recently, in 2001, in the Japanese pharmaceutical company became interested in Dr. Aleksandrov's invention . Following Sergei Nikitich, its representatives came to his museum, and then in Japan they issued a magazine devoted to the doctor Maslennikov and chaga.

This information was provided by the museum of Anastasia and Marina Tsvetaeva.

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Numerous Acai Health Benefits For Your Immune System

The immune system is a group of cells that protect the body from bacterial, parasitic, fungal, viral infections, and from the growth of tumor cells. One of the many Acai health benefits is empowering your immune system. The tiny Acai berry contains large concentrations of antioxidants and plant sterols that help your body fight off disease.

The first step to keeping your immune system up and running is sticking to a healthy, well-balanced diet. Vegetables and fruits like the Acai berry are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes that protect your immune system from damage caused by free radicals.

Acai berries can provide your body with as much amount of protein that an egg does, without the harmful cholesterol. Protein is crucial to your blood sugar level, pancreas, and immune system.

Lack of sleep can severely compromise your immune system. Six to ten hours of sleep each night will help you maintain balanced hormone levels and keep you in a better mood all day.

Keep your body properly hydrated. Fluid loss can cause chemical, nutritional and pH imbalances, resulting in disease and premature aging. Dividing your body weight (pounds) in half will give you the equivalent amount of water ounces that you have to drink each day to avoid dehydration. Note that coffee and alcohol do not hydrate the body. In fact, they do the opposite -- they strip your body of fluid and essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

If you want to maintain a healthy immune system, stay off the sugar. Elevated insulin levels in your body weaken its ability to fight infection and disease. With less sugar, you'll feel more energetic, be able to maintain a decent weight, and improve your cognitive faculties.

Among all Acai health benefits, boosting your disease immunity is one of the most important. Add Acai berries to your diet, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep to heavily guard your body from infection.