Recreation and Good Health With Bingo

Want a reason to play bingo? It can be good for your health - a fact that has been verified in a study done by the Psychology Department at the University of Southampton. According to the study, playing the game regularly can sharpen your mental faculties. When you play the game, you have to stay alert and this makes your mind more agile.

Your ability to do this can increase with the time you spend playing bingo. This can be quite beneficial for those above 60 years who enjoy playing bingo. The British Medical Association stated that games like bingo can even help patients heal quickly. It can also help lower the levels of depression following a serious illness. Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire noted that the length of hospital stay decreased among elderly patients who played bingo during their recovery period.

Study Correlates Bingo and Sharp Cognitive Abilities

The study was conducted to correlate factors like good health and the game. A specific aspect of health that was taken into consideration for this was mental health. 112 people participated in the study. They were from two age groups - from 60 to 82 and 18 to 40. The experimenters took steps to ensure that the selection was random. Both age groups comprised of those who were avid players of the game, and those who weren't. Tests were performed to measure their mental agility.

Results indicated that participants who were regular bingo players were more alert and sharp when compared to those who dint play the game. Interestingly, players in the 60 to 82 age group performed better on accuracy tests when compared to those in the 18 to 40 age group. The latter group performed better than the former in speed. The experiment also revealed that bingo players were more aware of their surroundings when compared to those who didn't play. Most of the players had developed this ability as a result of playing bingo. They had to stay sharp to grasp the numbers as they were called during the game. In most cases, this ability manifested in other areas of players' lives.

Enhance Eye-Hand Co-ordination with Bingo

The game also requires players to develop good eye-hand co-ordination. Due to the time restriction in the game, players have to be quick with their game-playing skills. They also have to be accurate when they mark the numbers. Players also have to consistently verify whether the numbers marked are correct. This can help keep the mind agile and sharp. If you are keen on maintaining your cognitive abilities, start playing bingo - no matter what your age.

In addition to the health benefits it brings, bingo can be an incredible source of recreation. Most online bingo rooms offer live chat features which allow players to interact with each other. Through this, players can share their thoughts on any aspect related to the game. Players with common interests can form groups. A few bingo rooms also have communities through which they enhance the level of interaction among players. The sites that have a wide range of games can provide players with variety. Some of the game variations that are extremely popular among players are 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo.

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