Breathe Your Way to Health

No hype this!

Are you concerned with your health?
Who is not?

Do you want to live long?
Who doesn't?

Do you feel you don't have the time or discipline to exercise regularly?
Who doesn't?

And, are you frustrated that you are not doing anything to keep yourself fit?
You don't have to!

What I am going to discuss is not Yoga or Meditation. Obviously, I cannot outline a Yogic or Meditational course in a short article like this. I am going to suggest something very simple which anyone can practice anytime without any exertion or strain.

You know that breathing is related to life. You are alive because you are breathing and you are breathing because you are alive. But have you observed how your breathing pattern changes at different times? All of us know that our breathing becomes heavy immediately after we run or walk fast or lift a heavy object or do something that involves strain. So physical strain is associated with heavy breathing. And breathing heavily is not something you enjoy! It gives you physical discomfort and you want to get over it as quickly as you can.

You would have observed that you breathe heavily when you are angry, frustrated or shocked. Thus heavy breathing is associated with mental discomforts too!

Conversely (and logically), light breathing is associated with relaxation. So, if you can have longer and more frequent moments of light breathing, then you can definitely look forward to a healthier life.

Here is a simple recipe for better physical and mental state, which you can develop using your breathing style:

1) Whenever you are free, just observe your breathing. It is as if you are an outsider watching the way you breathe. Don't try to control or change the way you breathe. Just observe it. After several seconds or at the most a couple of minutes, you will feel that your breathing has become fine and light. You don't have to do anything. Just observe it happening. If you are not able to get this experience, don't worry. Perhaps you have been too tense or too anxious for this experience. Take the experience as it comes. Unknown to you, some change would have definitely taken place. It also happens that some times you get this experience and at other times you don't. Again, nothing abnormal about this. Like any exercise, the more you practice, the more consistent will be the experience.

Be in this state for a few minutes. You would have experienced a deep state of physical as well as mental relaxation, which would do a lot of good to you in the long run.

2) The second exercise is something that can be integrated with your activities. Since we have two nostrils, we normally inhale through one and exhale through the other. This alternates periodically. Have you ever observed through which nostril you breathe - the left or the right? Right now, keep your index finger under your nose and judge through which nostril the air goes in and through which it comes out. Initially it may be difficult to judge. But after a few attempts, you will be able to judge.

Now, just imagine that you are inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling through the right nostril. You don't have to physically do anything. Be with this thought for a minute, then continue with your other activities. Some other time, imagine that you are inhaling through the right and exhaling through the right. By doing this a few times every day, you will be bringing a balance to your breathing and the impact of this on your physical and mental faculties will be significant.

I do not intend to go through the theory behind it. But by practicing the two above mentioned exercises, you feel better both physically and mentally in course of time, that will be the best testimony to the efficacy of this process.

I am not suggesting for a moment that you can dispense with exercise or other health improvement activities. If you have been doing exercises, these two exercises will enhance the benefits of exercising. If you have not been exercising, then these exercises are going to give you the much-needed boost to your health.

Fine Breathing! Great Living!

Breathing is related to health. People who have excess fat will often develop difficulty inbreathing. Breathing is related to living. Therefore, if you have excess fat focus on losing your fat

Health Risks That Managers Have To Face In The Workplace

Do you really have to push it too far to get things done in the workplace? Can you justify the risk of a serious heart attack with the potential income that you can earn as a productive and effective manager? There are serious issues that you need to ponder on as you try to build a reputation of a manager who can deliver the goods. Company managers and bosses should provide for a stress-free work setting. In order to do this, managers and supervisors must recognize the triggers or sources of work-related stress and take the necessary corrective actions to reduce or prevent or control these triggers of work-related stress.

Immediate Impact of Work-Related Stress

Work-related stress seriously impairs our mental faculties and reduces our level of productivity. It also increases the pressure on top and middle management positions and makes people susceptible to a wide range of health problems, like mental or heart issues. Stress in the workplace also affects basic mental functions like cognitive learning, reasoning, concentration and memory.

More than 13 million working hours are wasted each year by managers and supervisors due to pressures in the workplace. Experts estimate that over 70 percent of health problems experienced by managers and supervisors requiring medical attention and intervention are directly linked to the pressures of their job. The ill-effects of stressful situations in the workplace can easily translate into significant losses in terms of company productivity and profitability. It is a double-edged problem and impacts on revenue generation as well as on the operating expenses of the company.

While we are overly concerned with the immediate impact on our health, it is imperative for managers and supervisors to adopt stress management programs so that they don't end up as a debilitated or sickly person while trying to manage and handle the affairs of their company.

Main Triggers and Symptoms of Stress in the Workplace

A heavy workload and long working hours can put a lot of pressure on managers and supervisors. In a recent industry study, it was reported that nearly 500,000 professionals are subjected to stressful situations at a level that can already affect their health. Chronic stress can lead to depression and anxiety, and these are the major reasons why managers and supervisors seek medical and psychiatric help.

While stress can become a motivating factor, if the pressures and demands of the work get excessively high, it can cause serious illnesses and even trigger heart attacks. Stress is actually the natural reaction of people when subjected to excessive pressure at the work place. Typical symptoms associated with the condition include dry mouth, palpitation, headache, loss of appetite and reduced sexual libido. A sound stress management program is extremely necessary if you want to control this harmful condition and improve your overall health and well-being.

Certain Games can be used as effective stress reliever. Check it out and see how you can relieve stress while improving your management skills through Time Management Games.

Brain and Mental Health

Many people think that taking in vitamins as well as supplements would mean better mental health. However, although absorbing vitamins and supplementary substances can be helpful, it should not be the only factor that you should consider or give importance to. The more important thing to consider should be to have a healthy way of life which is a great factor in obtaining a good brain balance.

So, how does one attain a healthy lifestyle? Primarily, the first thing to take into account is to eat nutritious foods that will certainly benefit you. Pick healthy foods that are regarded as brain enhancers, which include making natural drinks out of fruits and vegetables. After making sure that you are eating the proper foods, the next step is to carry out a healthy daily routine which consists of performing brain activities. There are many healthy activities that you can do to improve your mental health, enhance your IQ, as well as, maintain and develop your memory functions.

The following brain activities can stimulate your brain in having healthy mental faculties:

1. Brain Stimulation through Continuous Learning. The brain needs frequent activities in order to keep the mind healthy and the memory as quick as ever. You can make this happen by having steady brain training like studying new things and ideas every now and then, motivate the mind, and doing memory exercises.

Specifically, you can do the following brain enhancer activities: playing puzzles that are good for the brain, learn or study a new skill or language, perform musical instruments, as well as, undertake new hobbies such as ballroom dancing or crocheting. This kind of brain activities will greatly enrich the brain neuron's connections and strengthen mental functions resulting to the preservation of memory sooner or later.

2. Doing Exercises and Physical Activities. Experiments reveal that the brain's mental health is positively correlated to strong physical activity. How can this be? When doing strong physical activities as well as exercises, you are building a better blood flow which, in turn, will transmit the correct amount of oxygen that the brain needs in order to perform satisfactorily. These physically-oriented activities will generate endorphins and neurons that will help in providing the brain with its natural positive mood enhancers and provide the necessary cell regeneration to defend against memory loss. Cardiovascular work outs are the best activities in order to have not only a healthy brain but also a healthy body. These exercises include vigorous walking, jogging, bicycle riding, swimming and also gardening.

3. Meditative Activities and Praying. Aside from stimulating and doing motivational activities, you should also perform brain relaxation techniques. The best form of relaxation is to meditate and pray for at least 15 minutes daily. It has been established that these activities reinforce and improve the brain cortex's solidity in addition to reducing the production of Cortisol, which is a stress hormone that diminishes the brain ability and memory power.

4. Having a sound, relaxing, and uninterrupted Sleep. Sleeping is one the greatest activities that you can perform in order to achieve good mental balance. During this time, your brain has the opportunity to relax and restore any damages done to it. In addition, dreaming can also be advantageous because it allows the brain to resolve brain connections that were previously inactive. It is best that a person should have 7-8 hours of continuous sleep.

In conclusion, observing these activities together with eating healthy foods will surely lead to a better and improved mental health. If you truly want to consume the vitamins and enzymes that can be found in fruits and vegetables, then it is advisable to juice them and one great brand of Juicer is the Omega Juicer. All this information will certainly guide you in achieving a better and healthy way of life.

Recreation and Good Health With Bingo

Want a reason to play bingo? It can be good for your health - a fact that has been verified in a study done by the Psychology Department at the University of Southampton. According to the study, playing the game regularly can sharpen your mental faculties. When you play the game, you have to stay alert and this makes your mind more agile.

Your ability to do this can increase with the time you spend playing bingo. This can be quite beneficial for those above 60 years who enjoy playing bingo. The British Medical Association stated that games like bingo can even help patients heal quickly. It can also help lower the levels of depression following a serious illness. Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire noted that the length of hospital stay decreased among elderly patients who played bingo during their recovery period.

Study Correlates Bingo and Sharp Cognitive Abilities

The study was conducted to correlate factors like good health and the game. A specific aspect of health that was taken into consideration for this was mental health. 112 people participated in the study. They were from two age groups - from 60 to 82 and 18 to 40. The experimenters took steps to ensure that the selection was random. Both age groups comprised of those who were avid players of the game, and those who weren't. Tests were performed to measure their mental agility.

Results indicated that participants who were regular bingo players were more alert and sharp when compared to those who dint play the game. Interestingly, players in the 60 to 82 age group performed better on accuracy tests when compared to those in the 18 to 40 age group. The latter group performed better than the former in speed. The experiment also revealed that bingo players were more aware of their surroundings when compared to those who didn't play. Most of the players had developed this ability as a result of playing bingo. They had to stay sharp to grasp the numbers as they were called during the game. In most cases, this ability manifested in other areas of players' lives.

Enhance Eye-Hand Co-ordination with Bingo

The game also requires players to develop good eye-hand co-ordination. Due to the time restriction in the game, players have to be quick with their game-playing skills. They also have to be accurate when they mark the numbers. Players also have to consistently verify whether the numbers marked are correct. This can help keep the mind agile and sharp. If you are keen on maintaining your cognitive abilities, start playing bingo - no matter what your age.

In addition to the health benefits it brings, bingo can be an incredible source of recreation. Most online bingo rooms offer live chat features which allow players to interact with each other. Through this, players can share their thoughts on any aspect related to the game. Players with common interests can form groups. A few bingo rooms also have communities through which they enhance the level of interaction among players. The sites that have a wide range of games can provide players with variety. Some of the game variations that are extremely popular among players are 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo.

For more bingo advice, please visit best bingo online where you can read bingo article, read user reviews and more.

Self Defence Techniques: Avoidance, Awareness, Health and Safety By Jon Law

Avoidance, Health and Safety

The best form of self-defence is to not be there, it's kind of obvious but it's one part of the picture that is often ignored. Obviously, it is not always possible to avoid a situation, which is when your martial arts skills will be invaluable, in one way or another.

Common sense tips to avoid a situation, or rather to greatly reduce the chances of one occurring should be based around avoiding trouble spots. These may be certain dodgy areas in a city where the likelihood of trouble is relatively high. Certain locations may be safe by day but decidedly unsafe by night, it's probably not a good idea to take that short cut through the park at night!

Then, on a smaller level it is sensible to avoid seats where potential trouble makers sit on public transport, in my city that means sitting downstairs on the bus. Alternatively, it could mean crossing the road instead of walking through a crowd of teenagers or walking away from a heated discussion in a bar. These measures are prudent safety first procedures that could save your life, but you will never know; think of these as essential health and safety for modern living.

Awareness, Health and Safety
Now to successfully avoid these situations there needs to be a certain amount of awareness of what is going on around you. That is an article or two in itself so will just be mentioned here. If you are walking through a dangerous area with an iPod blasting out music you fail on both counts; you haven't avoid the danger in the first instance and you are reducing your ability to be aware of any incoming potential danger! Not good health and safety!

If you do find yourself in a situation that is careering toward a violent confrontation, either as a result of a lack of or despite health and safety this no longer matters. All your faculties need to be on the situation in hand.

You have to quickly decide whether you will strike the bad guy or not. All situations are different but you will probably have a chance to back off or talk your way out of the situation, this is all dependent on the other person or people. There can be no definitive answers, you need to make a judgement call.

If you decide that you won't hit the bad guy just yet, you need to leave or if not possible, diffuse the situation. Be aware that you may have to strike if the situation escalates, your diffusion technique may not work.

Avoiding the situation is the best option, being aware in the first instance will help you avoid any trouble but if it does arrive the best self defence option may be to run. If not you may have to diffuse the situation to stay safe.

Successfully diffusing a potentially violent confrontational situation can save you a lot of bother and even your life. There are many techniques you can use but if the one you decide on fails you can always revert back to an earlier stage in the process (leave or strike) or try another.

One way to diffuse the situation is to use distraction techniques, these can be extremely effective. To read about this and get tips on how to employ this strategy in a real situation please click through to my post on the Epic Martial Arts Blog below.

Good Health for Great Beauty

Health and beauty go together. You cannot be unhealthy and be beautiful too as poor health will show in your appearance. Your hair will lack luster, and your skin will look sallow and pale if you are not healthy. However, you can most certainly have perfect health and a natural by-product can be your glowing appearance.

With good health, comes great beauty. All you need to do is some supervised exercise, have sufficient sleep, and follow a healthy diet. Some of the steps to take in this direction are simple. One of these is to MOVE.
Walk your dog, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk on the beach. You do not need to spend your hard earned money on an expensive membership at the gym.

Moderation in all things is the only way to enjoy the pleasures in life. You would not want to become addicted to something that affects your mental faculties that can irreparably damage you from within. Watch what you eat. Eat foods that have low-fat. Smoking should definitely be a no-no in your list. Drinking alcohol in excess can also cause ill-health. It will show in the color of your skin and eyes. Drink plenty of water. Water helps wash out the toxins in your system and keeps your digestive system functioning as it should.

Sleep is the most critical of healthy habits. One tends to put off going to bed at an early hour for any number of reasons. You may want to study for a test, you may have a dinner date, you may want to party until the wee hours of the morning, or you may simply have a developed the habit of sleeping late. Any or all of the above are definitely not going to give you clear eyes in the morning nor will they give you a glowing complexion. That apart, you are bound to be low on energy.

Set aside thirty minutes just for yourself and spend it doing something that makes you happy. There is nothing like having some personal time to keep you feeling good. You can choose how to spend the thirty minutes; but, do not give it up.

Simple and clean living adds a great deal of depth to your life. It adds something to your body, mind, and heart and makes the ordinary look extraordinarily beautiful. For good health and great beauty, look within and find that self confidence from maintaining a good and healthy life style.

How Fish Oil And Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Help Promote Good Brain Health

As the baby boomer generation ages, the issue of brain health is taking a more prominent stage on the medical scene. With degenerative brain diseases on the rise, everyone is looking for ways to prevent their onset and maintain their mental faculties for the rest of their life.

Other generations are looking for ways to improve mental functions so they can be more effective in their daily lives. There are many things you can do to protect and enhance your brain functions. Playing challenging games, exercising, and learning new skills all help promote a healthy brain.

Adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet will also give your brain the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Omega 3 is made up of 3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It is the DHA, however, that directly affects the brain.

It is found in high concentrations in the grey matter of the brain and directly affects how well the membranes of the brain cells function. DHA, as well as the other acids to a lesser extent, help make the cell membranes more fluid which improves communication between them.

Omega 3s are also an important component to brain development and maintenance. They are essential to the proper development of the brains of children and infants.

Scientists have linked low levels of omega 3 and DHA in particular to a number of mental ailments including, memory loss, bipolar disorder, ADD, autism, and depression among a list of other things.

It goes without saying that getting at least the recommended daily amount of omega 3 fatty acid in your diet may help alleviate the symptoms of some of these diseases. In fact, studies done in Japan suggest that DHA helps improve memory function in patients with dementia and depression.

The best source of omega 3 is fish. Dietitians recommend eating fish at least 2 to 3 times per week. For people who don't like the taste of fish, don't eat meat products altogether, or would rather get omega 3 some other way, there are plant sources available.

Flaxseed and walnuts are good sources of this essential nutrient. Another way to add omega 3 to your diet is to take a high quality supplement, especially fish oil.

Look for natural, pure and organic products and fish oil supplements that have no artificial ingredients. Your brain has to serve you for the rest of your life. Do everything you can to keep it in good health.

If you're interested in reading more about the health benefits of omega 3s and fish oil supplements, feel free to visit my website where I discuss products I personally use to achieve these benefits.

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Othophobia Strikes 100 Mental "Health" Practitioners Out of 100

A new dreaded mental illness is now claiming 100% of the mental "health" profession as victims, according to health researcher Hank Scott.

Orthophobia is the fear of those who are correct, straight, upright, and above all healthy.

Orthophobia manifests itself in the symptoms of declaring everyone who eats only healthy foods -- avoiding artificial chemicals, preservatives, additives, pesticides, colorings, flavorings and the like -- of a faux mental illness labeled "orthorexia nervosa" (being concerned over what is right, good or healthy)!

This dreaded new contagion, Orthophobia, is running rampant today, as more lunatics than ever are awarded mental "health" practitioner decrees, and attempt to drug everyone and everything in sight they declare "abnormal" (not dumbed down, docile or easily duped)!

These mental "health" (a term flagrantly misapplied as a form of Orwell-speak -- by sufferers of Orthophobia -- to themselves) lunatics are now running the asylum of modern society literally into the ground, starting with children all the way up to the elderly, and everyone in between.

No truly normal activity -- like self-preservation in the onslaught of a manufactured and fast "food" oligarchy's incessant and irresponsible subversion of everything normal and natural, healthy and delicious -- is safe from the scurrilous attacks of those stricken with this dreaded, highly contagious illness.

Akin to megalomania, psychiatric Munchausen erectus syndrome (repeated fabrication of alleged mental illness in otherwise normal, healthy people), with a touch of paranoia thrown in, Orthophobics also apparently suffer from chemical food additive and adulterant dependence and hypopressreleasisis (an unnatural seeking, fawning over, and wooing of mistaken and misdirected publicity).

The symptoms are unmistakable, including the "I'm the doctor!" psychosis, accompanied with hypodermic syringes dripping psychotropic (mind altering) drugs, in hands itching to inject said poisons into the objects of their psychotic delusions.

Orthophobics should be considered armed and dangerous, antisocial and an immediate threat to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Should you run afoul of an Orthophobia sufferer in their own territory (nests designed to appear like medical clinics, hospitals, or in court rooms as "expert" witnesses for some equally lunatic judge or court) if you can, run and do not walk, hesitate or delay for even a moment, for the nearest exit, city and county limits, and border.

Once aroused, Orthophobics have been known to search and seek out potential victims with a livid and single-minded ferocity, until they have devoured their mental faculties, and will to resist, with their dangerous and psychosis-inducing drugs of choice.

Often accompanied by uniformed goons claiming to be "law enforcement," and bedding down with equally megalomaniacal legislators and judges, Orthophobics have been known to spout slanders and generate reams of libel against the characters or their intended victims, initiating court orders to enforce their scurrilous and heinous attacks against victims, that are often entirely innocent of any injurious or dangerous motives, actions or conduct.

Orthophobics seek out their victims by referral from medical maniacs called "doctors," who apparently can see nothing unusual, wrong or perverse in their activities or behavior.

Those doctors who dare oppose an Orthophobic, soon find themselves on the wrong end of their penchant for vilification, mud-slinging, and perhaps even their dangerously toxic needles.

Sites of possible exposure to Orthophobia include medical universities of the psychiatric variety, where professors and academics have been known to infect and pass along this virulent mental contagion and contamination to young students, and psychiatric hospitals and clinics where interns are infected by staff psychiatrists and their nurses.

No known exposures have failed to result in acute cases of Orthophobia, sooner or later, at least among those who seek employment in the field of psychiatry.

If they display some form of credentialed diploma or other outward attestation of competency in psychiatry, it is safe to assume they are infected and dangerous.

Most "civilized" people, of course, seek out the apparently "comforting," but mind and health-numbing, deleterious diet promulgated by Orthophobics, and are thus immune to immediate attack from that quarter (albeit being thus subject to the vagaries and vicissitudes, debilities and diseases of their misinformed dietary choices).

Labeled "normal" by Orthophobics, these "normals" threaten to subvert your freedom of choice and well-being, by virtue of their misanthropic votes on all legislation even touching on the subject of medicine and its alleged prerogatives.

Similar to judges and juries -- abysmally ignorant of the issues and facts involved, bowing and kowtowing to medical manias of every size, shape and description -- in passing judgments against the victims of miscreant medical malpractice, "normals" unitedly oppose their own well-being, and your Creator-granted rights to freedom of choice in matters of health, well-being, and against assault by deadly weapons (such as needles and their poisonous contents).

If you dare speak out against this insanity, you risk being targeting by one or more Orthophobics as their next victim of choice, for those suffering from this affliction see any opposition to their alleged power and grasp as "dangerously deluded," and in need of their "services."

Let the healthy and cautious beware!

P.S. In case you're prone to dismiss all the above as some sort of paranoid delusion, the author had the experience of spending over a month in an abusive psychiatric facility -- including attempts to medicate with psychotropic drugs -- for the mistake of telling the nurse of a deranged doctor the fact that he had personally delivered all eight of his children at home; and only the intervention of a social worker (who actually called his wife to confirm all he said), finally succeeded in getting him released from that insane place, and away from the abusive, dangerous, delusional psychiatric "professionals" inhabiting it.

Fish Oil - 3 Ways Omega 3 Fatty Acids Can Dramatically Improve Your Health & Well Being

Salmon, tuna, hoki, mackerel, anchovies and sardines all contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that have been proven to improve your health, whether you're sick or not.

I personally love omega 3 fish oils and they have been proven to be a great benefit not only for me, but also my friends and family. That said, here are 3 ways omega 3 fatty acids can improve your health and well being:

1. Memory. In a recent study presented at the Alzheimer's Association 2009 International Conference, researchers present a study, where people 55 years and older that had problems with their memory reported an almost double decrease in errors that they made on a test measuring their memory and learning skills. This was of course against another group that was taking a placebo. Many previous studies have shown that people who eat more omega3 fats have better memory and feel better.

2. Focus. Your brain is made up of mostly fat and about 30% of that fat is DHA, which is one of the omega3 fatty acids. The study above on memory specifically stated that they were giving high amounts of DHA to the study participants. Other studies have found that DHA is the more powerful of the three fatty acids: EPA, DHA and ALA. As you give your brain the nutrients it needs, your focus will improve, along with other mental faculties, which leads me to the third and last health benefit.

3. Stress is a big health issue in this day and age. Many believe that it does not affect our health, but it does. High quality omega3 fish oils can help your body relax and feel better. There exists many chemicals in the brain that are enabled and enhanced when it is functioning properly. The best way to take advantage of all these health benefits is to find a properly purified and proven effective omega 3 supplement.

If you're interested in learning more about the best fish oil supplements, visit my website, where I share what products I have personally been using daily for several years.

The Truth About Fish Oil Health Benefits

According to doctors and scientists, the fish oil health benefits are numerous.  In fact, it almost sounds too good to be true, but if you think about it, the value of this type of supplement is understandable.

Fatty acids are essential to the human diet.  Years ago, it was though that omega 6s were the only essential fats, because they are necessary for normal growth in childhood.  In recent years, it has been found that omega3s are just as important. In many ways, they are more important.

Many chronic health problems and even cellular aging are related to inflammation.  It plays a role in cancer and heart disease, as well as arthritis and other "age-related" diseases.  Scientists have learned that omega6s increase inflammation within the body, while omega 3s counter it.  Most people get lots of omega6s in their diet, but very few omega 3s.

So, the many fish oil health benefits actually have to do with correcting an imbalance in the diet.  If a person ate a perfectly balanced diet every day, there might not be any benefit.  But, a well-balanced diet is a rarity in this time of convenience and fast foods.

When you are shopping for supplements, remember that the industry is more or less "self-regulated".  It is up to the manufacturer to test for purity, as well as omega 3 content.  A reputable manufacture will have their products tested by independent laboratories, in order to certify purity.  Of course, testing costs money.  So, you can bet that the cheap products have not been tested.

The fish oil health benefits may help you live a long, healthy life, with all of your faculties intact.  At least, that's what most of us are hoping for.

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