Brain and Mental Health

Many people think that taking in vitamins as well as supplements would mean better mental health. However, although absorbing vitamins and supplementary substances can be helpful, it should not be the only factor that you should consider or give importance to. The more important thing to consider should be to have a healthy way of life which is a great factor in obtaining a good brain balance.

So, how does one attain a healthy lifestyle? Primarily, the first thing to take into account is to eat nutritious foods that will certainly benefit you. Pick healthy foods that are regarded as brain enhancers, which include making natural drinks out of fruits and vegetables. After making sure that you are eating the proper foods, the next step is to carry out a healthy daily routine which consists of performing brain activities. There are many healthy activities that you can do to improve your mental health, enhance your IQ, as well as, maintain and develop your memory functions.

The following brain activities can stimulate your brain in having healthy mental faculties:

1. Brain Stimulation through Continuous Learning. The brain needs frequent activities in order to keep the mind healthy and the memory as quick as ever. You can make this happen by having steady brain training like studying new things and ideas every now and then, motivate the mind, and doing memory exercises.

Specifically, you can do the following brain enhancer activities: playing puzzles that are good for the brain, learn or study a new skill or language, perform musical instruments, as well as, undertake new hobbies such as ballroom dancing or crocheting. This kind of brain activities will greatly enrich the brain neuron's connections and strengthen mental functions resulting to the preservation of memory sooner or later.

2. Doing Exercises and Physical Activities. Experiments reveal that the brain's mental health is positively correlated to strong physical activity. How can this be? When doing strong physical activities as well as exercises, you are building a better blood flow which, in turn, will transmit the correct amount of oxygen that the brain needs in order to perform satisfactorily. These physically-oriented activities will generate endorphins and neurons that will help in providing the brain with its natural positive mood enhancers and provide the necessary cell regeneration to defend against memory loss. Cardiovascular work outs are the best activities in order to have not only a healthy brain but also a healthy body. These exercises include vigorous walking, jogging, bicycle riding, swimming and also gardening.

3. Meditative Activities and Praying. Aside from stimulating and doing motivational activities, you should also perform brain relaxation techniques. The best form of relaxation is to meditate and pray for at least 15 minutes daily. It has been established that these activities reinforce and improve the brain cortex's solidity in addition to reducing the production of Cortisol, which is a stress hormone that diminishes the brain ability and memory power.

4. Having a sound, relaxing, and uninterrupted Sleep. Sleeping is one the greatest activities that you can perform in order to achieve good mental balance. During this time, your brain has the opportunity to relax and restore any damages done to it. In addition, dreaming can also be advantageous because it allows the brain to resolve brain connections that were previously inactive. It is best that a person should have 7-8 hours of continuous sleep.

In conclusion, observing these activities together with eating healthy foods will surely lead to a better and improved mental health. If you truly want to consume the vitamins and enzymes that can be found in fruits and vegetables, then it is advisable to juice them and one great brand of Juicer is the Omega Juicer. All this information will certainly guide you in achieving a better and healthy way of life.