Senator Kennedy's Health Should Disqualify Him From Holding Office

Doctors assumed Senator Kennedy had a stroke and this would unfortunately mean he could not possible maintain his full faculties. It would therefore in the best interest of the American People that he respectfully resigned now with dignity and honors immediately, as there is no sense in allowing him to make a critical error in judgment and looking really bad after his many years of service. Therefore it's in everyone's best interest for Senator Kennedy to retire. Turns out the Senator has brain cancer, a much worse situation.

The Kennedy family has served the public for many decades, but it's time for Senator Ted Kennedy to pass the torch and check out of the public domain. When people have such health problems sometimes they can go on for a little while longer, but we must realize the importance of a US Senator and understand that the risk of mistake is too great. Being a Senator is a very demanding job, thus Ted Kennedy needs to do what's right for the people he proclaims to serve.

This is no time for ego, or to hold out until the next election. If he leaves the Senate now he can still leave during a time when the Democrats for which he represents, on the furthest possible left side of the scale, are still in control. Allowing Senator Kennedy to continue, have another serious seizure, stroke or even die on the job, is completely inhumane. It will also disrupt our nation at a crucial time, term limits aside, it's time for Senator Ted Kennedy to retire and get some rest, he has done enough. Let's help Ted Kennedy leave office as soon as possible.