How Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Health Problems

The recession, plenty of problems in your personal life, seemingly endless battles you need to fight each day at work, uncertainty, the sudden nature of problems that crop up unexpectedly will all add up to cause extremely high levels of stress on our minds and bodies. If you can't sleep at all or even if you have disturbed incidences of sleep almost every night, it's not looking good. The price you pay for such a prevailing condition can be quite high. As nights pass by without sleep, your body takes a tremendous blow, your health gets severely affected, it isn't safe and it could turn out to be really pricey. The worst part is that sleep deprivation or Insomnia is not painful leading too many people leaving these conditions unattended. Here are things that can happen to you when you are deprived of sleep:

Body shattering clinical problems: Lack of sleep leads you to suffer from an inordinately high blood-pressure; high chances of invoking a heart attack, stroke or heart failure; obesity; and psychiatric conditions such as extreme mood swings, irritability, and even depression. Patients reporting sleep deprivation also have contracted Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), lower sexual competency, and impairment of mental faculties.

Slow responses and lack of alertness: According to, lack of sleep or sleep deprivation leads to a decreasing level of performance at work and tends to pull down your alertness levels during the normal functioning of the day by a whopping 32%. Talking about work, sleep deprivation is also touted as the culprit at many occupational hazards leading to fatal accidents at work place.

Lack of sleep causes road accidents: Over 100,000 automobile crashes, 80,000 injuries and upwards of 2000 deaths occur on roads due to drowsy driving on roads and highways, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the U.S. Simple, but deep. A lack of sleep causes you to sleep at the wheel or at least feel drowsy which enough to cause accidents on roads.

Poor quality of memory, loss of cognitive abilities and a less than perfect life: When you are deprived of sleep, you will be unable to focus your attention on anything for too long. You'll sleep through movies or unable to sustain interest for that long. On a similar vein, you will miss your child's game this weekend and also not be able to watch any of your TV shows. Apart from that, sleep deprivation also causes memory loss while your cognitive abilities take a drastic hit there by slowing you down wherever thinking and processing information is important.

Telling yourself that "it happens" or that "it's nothing to be worried about" could only do you more harm than good - you have seen some ways exactly how that happens. Most people do just that and for years on, they don't take simple steps that could solve this problem for you. Radiant health and a positive, up-beat life is your right. Relationships can be ruined, life can turn ugly and seemingly nothing could stop you from self-destruction if you don't do something about it today.