Health, Exercise And A Good Memory

We all worry about losing our memory and mental faculties. Some of us want to improve our memory so that we work more efficiently or can pass our exams more easily. So where does our health come into the equation?

The brain is dependent upon a good blood flow. It is also a massively complicated organ that even it does not understand! Over many years and much research it has been established that the brain works better with a combination of a good blood flow and plenty of exercise in the form of mental challenges.

So first of all exercise your body as thing brings more oxygen into your blood stream which in turn enhances the effects of the chemicals in your that protect the brain cells from dying.

Regular sleep allows the brain to process all the information that it has gathered during the day. It also gives it some to relax from the bombardment of information that modern life provides it with to review and understand. It has also been proven to increase the ability to concentrate and assimilate information - two good aids to a good memory.

Smoking produces carcinogens which increase the risk of vascular diseases which lead to problems with arteries, strokes and oxygen deficiency in the brain. All of which damage valuable brain cells and cause the remaining cells to work less efficiently.

A good diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and essential fats is always a good idea. These provide numerous benefits, including assisting the brain's ability to recall the required information. There are several nutrients that are vital to good brain health. Chief amongst these is the omega 3 fatty acids, which are focussed in the brain and attributed with memory function. You can get omega 3 fatty acids from walnuts, flax seeds and cold-water fish such as tuna and halibut.

The vitamin B complexes such as B12 and folic acid, protect neurons by destroying homocysteine, a toxic amino acid. They can be found in legumes, citrus fruits and strawberries. They are also credited with creating red blood cells, which transport oxygen through the body. Something that greatly improved brain function.

Decreased blood circulation to the brain causes many memory problems so as well as the vitamin B complexes you should also take vitamin C and E which are antioxidants that destroy toxins and free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are formed on the interaction of oxygen and certain molecules in the body and they can damage cells. Like vitamin B, vitamin C can also improve the flow of oxygen through the brain. Foods that are good for this purpose are tomatoes, citrus fruits, nuts, green tea and broccoli.

So if you want a good memory, that old adage of exercise and a good diet seems to be true.