Fish Oil For Brain Health - Enhance Your Brain Functions With Quality Omega 3 Fish Oil

Did you know that using fish oil for brain health is very effective? Yes it is, but how do you find quality brand that will give you the desired benefits? These are the issues this article is going to discuss; so read on to find out.

Research shows that using fish oil for brain health helps to prevent mental conditions like depression, ADHD, Autism and Alzheimer's; those who already have these diseases but take omega 3 supplements regularly also report improvement in their conditions.

What makes fish oil for brain health effective is DHA; science tells us that the human brain consists of 30% DHA. This vital fatty acid helps the clear the neuron path-ways of obstructions, thereby enhancing transmission and communications between your brain and other parts of your body; it helps to improve moods, boost memory and enhance concentration and learning. However, studies show that shortage of DHA leads to mental problems.

Other benefits of omega 3 include helping to keep your heart healthy (it lowers bad cholesterol, triglycerides and high blood pressure, thereby lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke). It is also helpful for arthritis, type 2 diabetes and helps to improve vision.

Having said that, if want an effective fish oil for brain health, you need one that contains the right amount of dha; that is a minimum of 250mg per 1000mg capsule. Experts advise that the more amount of this fatty acid contained in the supplement, the more effective it will be.

You should also make sure that the supplement does not contain impurities; pollutions in the oceans contaminate fish with toxins like mercury, PCBs and other heavy metal. So, look for a brand that is molecularly distilled; molecular distillation ensures that the toxins are remove from the oil, thereby making it pure and safe for human consumption.

Now that you know that fish oil for brain health is effective and how you can choose a quality brand, it is time to boost your mental faculty with the right supplement; if you want to know about the premium brand I personally take, visit my website.